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Have a Big Nose? Here is what you should do to not be called Nosey

Big Nose
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We’re not saying it’s simple. We understand that hearing that your nose looks “novel” or “huge” or “like a stuffed animal” could be a personal attack We’ve been there. If you’re willing to look away and take a look at the bigger image, we believe you’ll realize that having a large nose isn’t all that awful after all.

Here’s to all of you big-nosed people!

If you’ve been “big-nosed” by a friend or family member and even by a random person in the street, it’s very upsetting. There are a few advantages to having a nose that stands out in the real world if you believe it. Here are a few:

1.) Your nose of yours is fantastic for smelling things, but especially when you cook!

2.) You can make use of your senses as antennas to pick the gossip in town. (You may be amazed at how much gossip circulates through small towns!)

3.) People are more likely to give you more space while walking along the sidewalk since they do not want to walk too close to end up bumping your face. That means less traffic for everybody else!

4.) If someone hits your nose, you don’t have to worry about it. It won’t hurt the same way as if they slammed into another person’s face!

Five) When people look through photographs of themselves from decades ago, they’ll usually be reminded that their noses were smaller at the time. (And this can give people hope for the future growth of their noses!)

If you’re blessed with a huge nose, don’t be ashamed of it.

Let’s face it If someone refers to you as “nosey,” it’s not because they believe your nose is especially large. They’re just trying to make you feel uncomfortable to make you feel negative about yourself in order to be more confident about yourself. When someone calls you “nosey,” smile and respond, “Thank you!”

If someone is saying, “You’ve got a big nose,” they’re trying to cause you to feel hurt. There’s no reason to be offended by this, as it is nothing to have to do with how big your nose is or what aspect or body part. Many actresses with big noses do exist however their noses don’t hinder their work. Like when someone insults your hair color size, height, or favorite film, there’s no sense in taking their comments seriously. If someone is rude to you keep in mind that it’s nothing to be about you – it’s all about the person who insults you! Keep in mind that the best strategy to confront bullies is to ignore the person who is causing them harm!

Have fun being called a nosey!

Feel comfortable being called nosey since when your nose is clear and you have an acute sense of smell, why should you care whether you’re called nosey?

Are you blessed with a large nose? Are you fed up with being called nosey? Let me inform you that it’s not an issue at all!

If your nose is clean and you possess an acute sense of smell, why should someone says you’re nosey? It’s possible to turn their remark into something constructive. You could say that you’re so interested in everything happening around you. That it’s difficult for others to hide their secrets. Perhaps the person who has called you “nosey” had a secret they would like to keep from the rest of the world, and didn’t know they were leaking it out loud when they made a remark about you! Whatever the reason saying someone is “nosey” is one of the most flattering things that anyone says about them. It indicates they are a good person!

Whatever size you have your nose, it’s awesome because when people say”you’re “nosey”, that means you’re interested.

Last Words

Really, people with large noses are more open-minded more sensitive and curious than the average person. So when someone calls another person “nosey, They applaud for their keeping up-to-date with the latest fashions and being curious about the world around them. You’re probably a great person if you’ve got an enormous nose therefore, don’t be ashamed of it. Instead, be proud of your uniqueness and the things that make you unique from everyone else.


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