Can You Write Your Own Rehire Policy Template?

Rehire Policy Template
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Quite often there are situations when an employee returns to the previous place of work and needs to sign an employment contract again.

Frequently, this practice is used in developed countries where it is important to maintain personnel employment and to provide qualified specialists with jobs.

However, it is worth noting that re-employment has both advantages and disadvantages.

Rehiring Employees: Is This the Regular Approach?

Employees tend to quit their jobs, thus shifting to the status of former employees. Statistics show that within the first year of leaving their positions, many former employees express a desire to return to their previous jobs.

There are only two cases in which former employees can be rehired:

  • The termination was due to an inability to develop and advance in their careers;
  • The employee wanted to start his/her own business but it did not work out.

In this case, it is possible to re-hire the employee because s/he already has enough skills, qualifications, and knowledge of all the features of the company.

In situations where there is a conflict between the employer and employee, they did not get along, or the person simply did not perform the relevant duties, it is definitely not the case when re-hiring can be considered.

Re-hiring Policy

If a company is thinking about or has cases of hiring a former employee, it is worth developing a policy regarding the procedure of re-hiring and cases when this practice can take place.

By thinking through the details, it will be possible to approach the issue sensibly and weed out unsuitable personnel.

It is important to interview the employee, to determine his or her mood, achievements in other areas of implementation, and his or her ability to work for the benefit of the company again.

Having analyzed the employee, it is worth understanding whether he or she will be able to cope with the innovations. In most companies, even within a couple of months, there may be changes that require rapid adaptation. It is important to explain everything to the employee and see whether he or she will be able to cope with them.

If the result is positive on both sides, a rehire agreement will need to be prepared.

Rehire Policy Template: Filling Features

A reemployment contract can be filled out in a more or less optional manner. However, it is worth remembering that like any other agreement, there is an agreement sample, which has its own nuances and peculiarities. It is important to be sure to prescribe a number of conditions:

  • the parties signing the contract;
  • the vacancy for which the employee is hired;
  • working conditions;
  • the term for which the contract is concluded;
  • additional conditions of employment;
  • the rights and obligations of both parties.

If you wish, other clauses can be added to the agreement by negotiating them with both parties in advance.

Pandadoc Will Help In Drafting The Contract

An agreement template is a sample document, which in the future will be legally binding for this reason requires adhering to a certain standard.

Pandadoc is a platform that offers a large number of samples of various kinds of agreements and documents, which will help not only in business but also in everyday life. In addition to the above, the platform has a number of other advantages:

  • The ability to create a digital signature;
  • Maintaining a digital document flow;
  • Filling out and editing documents online;
  • Security of all information.

The service helps to adapt document filling processes helping to optimize the time and effort spent. On the site, users can find a sample of a finished document, fill it out with the necessary information, sign it with a digital signature, and send it to other users. The process does not take much time and requires only the use of a gadget.

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