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Andrea Rene video game lover entertainment geek

Andrea Rene video game lover entertainment geek
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Andrea Rene is an on-camera host, producer, and writer with an extensive background in creative development, content management, and custom content creation. She can be seen every week on the weekly podcast ‘What’s Good Games’ where she gives her expert commentary on the latest gaming news., she co-founded a media company under the same name. Let’s see more about discussed Andrea Rene video game lover entertainment geek.


She recently hosted EA PLAY and worked on various live shows for Facebook Gaming. She also hosted the Nintendo World Championships. You might’ve seen her moderating panels at conventions like PAX, Comic-Con, or Rs3 for companies like Ubisoft, Square Enix, or WB.

She previously served as the face of GameStop TV inside U.S. retail locations and also was the copywriter for original, scripted content. Andrea was a host on Twitch’s pre-show for Blizzcon and hosted the Yahoo Esports Weekly Show. She has also written, produced, and hosted Playboy’s Gamer Next Door weekly series. Andrea hosted a Women in Gaming Virtual Breakfast on April 29th

Andrea Rene is a video game lover

I was born in Fargo, North Dakota, and spent most of my childhood growing up near Minneapolis. But I studied journalism at the University of Minnesota and then moved to Los Angeles. Once there, I switched from journalism to working in the entertainment industry.

Andrea Rene’s career started with interviewing famous celebrities and then she moved on to work in the gaming industry. She likes to keep her personal life private and doesn’t mention it often. At the moment, she is single. Her dating history is unclear – however, some fresh information has been found recently which gives a better idea of what’s happened so far in her love life. People share Andrea Rene video game lover entertainment geek her passion for games


The Andrea Rene video game lover entertainment geek is also well known for hosting gaming shows. She was an anchor for Facebook Gaming’s Live Studio at E3 and hosted Nintendo World Championships.. Her recent projects include moderating panels for Square Enix, Ubisoft, and WB. She also serves as moderator for GameStop TV in retail locations across the U.S. In addition to this, she is an author and has written original scripted content for various gaming websites.


Andrea Rene video game lover and entertainment geek is her passion. Apart from working as a writer for games, she also works as a digital media producer and host of game-related podcasts. She has been interviewed at lots of red-carpet events and interviewed celebrities. Her work has included hosting the Race Across America television show, moderating panels at trade shows, and moderating the industry news. She also hosts a weekly podcast, “What’s Good Games”, and reviews playable video games online.

Andrea Rene Hosted Many Other Big Gaming Events


Rene has hosted a lot of gaming events, such as in the past year’s “Raise Your Game” stage at E3. She was also a guest contributor for YouTube’s Live at IGN, and Gamespot.

She covered the number one gamer of each convention, even touching on the gaming competitions and Video game testers


Andrea Rene LinkedIn Page

According to her LinkedIn, she has been the host of Race Across America, head of development, and Executive Producer for all creative and business development. She founded The Lone Blazers production company and was head of creative business development for creative work there too. She also worked on a number of different shows, including Andrea Rene video game lover entertainment geek a travel show, and a dating game show.


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