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TotallyScience GitLab
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In the fast-paced world of scientific research and technology development, collaboration and efficient project management are paramount. Enter TotallyScience GitLab, an innovative digital platform that has transformed the landscape of scientific collaboration. Making it easier than ever for researchers and developers to share their experiments and research projects with the global scientific community.

What is TotallyScience GitLab?

TotallyScience GitLab is an online web-based platform, often referred to as a virtual laboratory or digital workspace for developers and researchers. It provides a dedicated space where individuals can connect with fellow researchers. Share their experiments and manage their software development projects seamlessly. This platform offers a wide range of features designed to enhance project management, issue tracking, customization, data security and collaboration. Making it a valuable tool for scientists and developers alike.

Key Features of TotallyScience GitLab

  1. Project Management: TotallyScience GitLab simplifies project management by providing each user with a dedicated repository to store source code, research materials and documentation. Users can set timelines and milestones to ensure efficient project progress.
  2. Tracking Issues: Real-time issue tracking allows researchers to post questions, queries, and concerns, which can be swiftly addressed by fellow users. This feature ensures that research and projects progress smoothly.
  3. Customization: The platform offers a high degree of flexibility, allowing users to tailor their experience to meet their specific needs. Researchers can utilize various tools, such as change tracking managers, to keep abreast of any alterations in their data.
  4. Built-in Data Security: Security is a top priority for researchers and developers, and TotallyScience GitLab delivers. Users can host their data on their own servers, benefiting from encrypted and limited access options. The platform acts as a fortress, safeguarding valuable research.
  5. CI/CD Capabilities: TotallyScience GitLab streamlines research processes, enabling real-time collaboration across diverse fields. Researchers receive support from colleagues to ensure that projects are error-free and deployed on time.

Advantages of Using TotallyScience GitLab

  1. Collaboration: Researchers and developers can access a shared virtual platform, facilitating collaboration and knowledge sharing among peers.
  2. Version Control: Unlike other platforms, TotallyScience GitLab allows users to work on the latest version of their projects while retaining the ability to revert to previous versions if needed.
  3. Real-time Problem Solving: The platform includes a digital notepad where users can record research-related issues, questions and queries, receiving prompt responses from their peers.
  4. Personalized User Experience: TotallyScience GitLab offers a flexible and customizable user experience, accommodating individual needs and preferences.
  5. Extensible Platform: The platform caters to a broad range of research, from small-scale science projects to large-scale software development initiatives.
  6. Choice of Platform Mode: Users have the option to use TotallyScience GitLab as either a self-hosted or cloud-based platform, adapting it to their specific requirements.

How to Join TotallyScience GitLab

  1. Sign up for an Account: Start by searching for it in your web browser and clicking on the official link to sign up for an account. Provide the required credentials and select “Create Account.”
  2. Create a Repository: Once you’ve accessed your account, create a repository where you can store and manage all your research data.
  3. Initiate a Project: Create a project within the platform to efficiently manage your research tasks and projects.
  4. Invite Collaborators: Extend invitations to other users, developers, and researchers to foster collaboration and share experiences in your research endeavours.


In an era of rapid technological advancements and groundbreaking experiments. The need for a platform that fosters collaboration and knowledge sharing among scientists and developers is evident. TotallyScience GitLab emerges as a revolutionary online platform that caters to the needs of science and technology enthusiasts, offering them a virtual space to showcase their research work and seek inspiration from fellow researchers. Accessible through cloud-based or self-hosted websites. It is the future of scientific collaboration, providing a seamless and secure environment for researchers to connect and innovate.

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