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How to best organize my close up magic tricks

how to best organize my close up magic tricks
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Magicians have to take a lot of things with them. They need props, magic gimmicks, gear for the magic show, notes for the lecture, and playing cards. Card shufflers are a really useful item that magicians need to take with them. What do with it all? Let’s see how to best organize my close up magic tricks

On the Magicians Talking Magic podcast, we spoke with a veteran of magic who’s been performing professionally for over 40 years. During the episode, he discusses his experience in both stage and close-up magic.

A full-time magician and performer, Peter Mennie shared some essential and accurate sorting and organizing tips for magicians. How to best organize my close up magic tricks

You’ll find some helpful insights in this article that should help you to organize your life better. I hope that you will feel motivated to think about how you should organize your magic tricks

6 tips for organizing your magic tricks

(1) Store Each Routine with ALL Items Needed

Any routine or trick from your act should be easily accessible from an individual storage container. This will mean that you can access what you need quickly and without any fuss. Make sure to clearly label and keep everything in one place; it’ll also make transporting your equipment easier.

(2) What are the Best Storage Containers?

Peter has used various storage containers in the past but recently upgraded all his effects to a durable see-thru envelope sold on Amazon. They come in 18 various sizes and cost 20$ (around £15). It’s worth noting that this storage container has been examined by many, who exclaim that it is a truly innovative product and a perfect accessory for magicians.

(3) What should magicians do with their magic trick instructions and lecture notes?

how to best organize my close up magic tricks

We get a ton of new magic tricks, Peter’s advice is to download all instructions and have them printed out. He first prints and gives the trick a reference card, which will be given to the volunteer and will label the trick in large letters.

(4) Keep all your magic in one location

Peter has all of his tricks, magic equipment books, and other props organized in one location in the “library”. It’s easy to store things away by the type of show so it’s not a hassle when he needs something.

(5) Have a Spreadsheet with all your magic effects

Has a list of stored content and instructions on Google Sheets or Excel files

how to best organize my close up magic tricks

(6) Store your magic shows in label/color-coordinated locations

Peter provides an organized place for all of his items to make it easier for him to prepare for a show. Peter has both stage and close-up locations that house all routines clearly labeled.

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