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egp_system_items_vl this is a system for the pure form of receiving and sending money. Further, they are used for various trims. The transitions of money from further accounts. These are the top leading services that the company provides. There are more than 7000 platforms for the exchange of money. This application is work on the principle of exchanging money. Further, all details are available on the internet. The best way to get money from outside companies is to use the EGP system. This is the safest system in the world for every work. The system helps you to give the money returns and taxes from the outsider companies. This is the most demanding system in the world. Further, the best thing is that this system is standard all over the world.


The cantor is to define the best way to get in and change the world. This system is also used for the people who really want to fix the money transfer, and you can fix the state. The EGP state system is one of the best systems for making the money safe transfers.  This is the rule in the world that you cannot take money directly. Further, the money will come into the state bank accounts, and then it will transfer to your account. This is the only law that implements only on transport things. You cannot even transfer things without knowledge of the state bank. This is the system that works internationally and joins the world in one place.

Tables for the Items in Oracle fusion:

This is the best way to get the simple word into the chance and make the deals for the best places. Further, there are a lot of options and items for the shipments. This egp_system_items_vl is one of the best parts of the item’s transportation. You can even make the best deals for the shipments further on your place. The VL system of payment also works in place of the direct system and creates the place for the payments. The system is unique and also helpful for the breaking of the system and issues like cyber issues. The issues of computers are also the responsibility of the state because without that you are not able to handle the issues of transport.

The information about the fusion details is available. They need to further your name with the tracking ID code and the place where it will deliver. The system is pretty useful for the person who used to transport their things from one country to another country. There are 6 types of functions that are used to work for many purposes. These functions are egp_system_items_vl, EGP_system_item_B, EGP_system_Revision_B, EGP_system_item_TL, EGP_system_classes_TL, INV_parameters_ORG, INV_parameters, INV_ITEM_locations. This is the best way system that works and is used to handle all the states all over the world. The EGP represents the best abbreviations to handle situations. These are the originations that are used to handle the transfer of further money and their issues.

egp_system_items_b table in oracle fusion:

egp_system_items_vl this is the system of the level where you further handle all the state issues. The terms and the system used to work on the table that describes the location of the shipments. The different signs further describe the different states of the details. This is used because of further detail during the time of the details in tracking. The reason is this is not a small system this is one of the biggest systems. The best way to handle all the systems is to first go and know about the further detail of the table. The table will provide you with all the important information through this table. I will further describe the details of the fusions in the article for better understanding.

  • The inventory item ID is the item information and will provide you with the best details about the ITEM through a special ID code.
  • The information will save, and the further product will deliver to you. Now the further point comes is organization ID this is the special code about the organizations.
  • The information of the organization ID is just be known by the CEO of the company. There are the important details that work for the largest companies.
  • The last update row is the place where you put the details of the time and dates of the product. Further the detail where this product will go in the row.
  • The creation date is indicating the date and the time that will help you know the further exact date where this product will go.
  • The last update login gives you the information about the work and the person who entered the last row information.
  • The summary flag is the information that is not available in the fusion table. Because this system is work on the direct method that is simply worthy and useful for all works.


This is also the system that works on the cloud company that provides further information about the products. egp_system_items_vl is the best system in the world for the purpose of transport and shipments. The requirement that is important for this system is one is to name the ID that will be mentioned on the slip. Here further I will mention with the slip you can track this all system. If your slip is wasted or misplaced you cannot handle all the Answer back system. After all this, valueact capital amasses $1.5b stake in 7-eleven owner: Reuters the information will remain quiet and without work.

The second most essential thing is to host the shortcode further to change the placement of the order. You can also change the place of the order directly from the tracking codes. The hos organization ID for the Unit is the system that has the only code to the organizations. In simple words the further the product is significant.

The egp_system_items_vl company will issue the special code to the organization that will be secret, and the only company can open it. Hos business group ID is for the business that is essential and easy to handle. The code lot to this company is like the trademark. Further, the code will be valid so all the information will also be valid. So further you can use these products for the shipments and many other purposes. All information is also available on their page.


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