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What Are Custom Bifold Closet Doors, And What Is The Simplest Way To Make Them?

Custom Bifold Closet Doors
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Want to get a large and unobstructed opening for your closets? Do you want to customize your bifold closet doors and look for the perfect guide? Well, the custom bifold closet doors are your exact choice for all of your wishes. These custom-made products are used to maximize your access to your closets. They not only maximize this access but also upgrade the appearance of your interior rooms in the long run.

Moving ahead, you will find a simple recipe with which you will be able to make custom bifold closet doors for your rooms and for opening your closets easily. This article will make your concepts about what these doors are and why we use them.

What are custom bifold closet doors?

As the name implies, these doors are known for their ability to fold and require less space than an accordion. These are known as sliding and swinging doors that occupy less space and are made with low manufacturing costs.

What is the simplest way to make custom bifold closet doors?

Making and building these closet doors is quite easy for you. If you want to update your old and flat closet doors with new ones, then you need to follow the given steps.  

  • Gather the required things:

The following things are used to make these custom bifold closet doors. So, better to collect them before start making them for you.

  1. Paintbrush
  2. Roller
  3. Liquid nails
  4. Primer
  5. Paint
  6. Compound miter saw
  7. Wood trim


  • Take the measurements of your closet doors:

First, you will have to take the exact measurements of these doors, such as their length, dimensions, shape, and width. This will easily help you get the exact lengths for your custom bifold closet doors.

  • Priming and painting your doors:

Once you have gathered the materials, you must start priming and painting your bifold doors. This is important to give your closed doors the best looks in the long run. For this purpose, you are free to choose any color and primer that better suits your room’s interior.

Perhaps, this priming and painting will be enough for you to give your doors the smoothest finish.

  • Cutting of your wood trim:

Now you will be cutting down your wood trims with the exact measurements. This is crucial to center the cut wood trims on the door.

  • Glue the wood trim to better stick it to the base:

Now you have to ensure that the wood trim you are using has stuck to the base. Or else, you will have to use glue of any kind to glue it with the liquid nails. 

  • Sealing of all the corners and sides:

Now you will caulk all the sides of your doors. This step is needed to get a seamless look for your bifold closet doors.

  • Paint the newly created Moulding:

Now, you will use your favorite color and quality paint to complete the process.


Making custom bifold closet doors has become a trend now because of their low manufacturing prices and the unobstructed and easy opening that these doors provide for your closets.

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