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The importance of mobile games was especially visible during the pandemic. With the entire world forced to stay home, mobile games helped people deal with the insanity outside. Read this survey to know about the pandemic that led to increasing mobile gaming activity. Mobile games not only kill time. They generate the greatest share of the games market revenue. Mobile gaming in the US alone is worth 10 billion dollars and is expected to cross 11.35 billion US dollars by 2025. That means if you are planning to establish a career in mobile game app development, you won’t be disappointed. This field is quite promising. But, the first step toward this career is choosing the right programming language. The programming language forms the foundation for the games you develop or deliver to your clients. So, here is a list of five programming languages that rule mobile game development.


JavaScript is one of the best programming languages for mobile game development. The code is purely text but powerful. Thus, you cannot build excellent mobile games with JavaScript alone. You need game engines to create essential gaming components like sound, graphics, animations, and physics.

Some popular game engines available for JavaScript:

  • Phaser
  • js
  • js
  • Cocos2d
  • PlayCanvas
  • js
  • Panda Engine

Each game engine serves a unique purpose. For instance, PlayCanvas provides a complete set for building and developing 3D games. It consists of 3D, light features, physical rendering, lightmaps, etc. Panda Engine, on the other hand, helps you track Google Analytics events inside the game. Thus, it is easier for you to measure and increase its performance.


C++ is quite a popular choice for mobile game development since it is capable of supporting a wide variety of coding styles. This programming language provides you with better control over the entire gaming architecture, including usage and memory patterns.

How do C++ and mobile game development work?

C++ creates game engines. And developing your own engines is one of the best ways to achieve complete control and freedom over your game. The versatility and high-performance capability of C++ make it way easier for developers to build creative mobile games.

You can use C++ for the development of both iOS and Android mobile games. The popular game engines for C++ are Lumberyard, Unreal Engine, CryEngine, Torque3D, and Source Engine. C++ is highly customizable, and you can directly compile it into machine code. This feature gives game developers a slew of options to write an optimized code faster. C++ is the perfect choice to build mobile games with BigData. Some of the popular games built using C++ are King Quest, God of War, Master of Orion, and Football Pro.


Java is versatile and consists of a wide gamut of open-source material. It is beginner-friendly, easy to use, and lets you write a wide range of reusable system-agnostic code.

Why use Java for mobile game development?

  • Easy for programmers

With Java, you need to invest minimal effort into writing, compiling, and debugging code. Thus, you can focus on the mobile app development market with your undivided attention.

  • Facilitates the development of cross-platform games

Unlike other programming languages, Java lets you migrate applications from one platform to another. That means you can develop your mobile game on one platform and then operate it on multiple other platforms and devices.

  • Java is a multithread programming language

Multithreading is an integral part of mobile game development. It lets you accomplish multiple tasks at the same time within the same program. So, users can play mobile games built on Java and open their emails or browse the internet at the same time.

In short, Java is simple, secure, and architecture-neutral. It makes things easier for both users and developers.


Lua is fast, extensible, and high-level. There are two parts of Lua:

  • The functioning software system interprets programs written in Lua
  • The Lua interpreter interprets Lua code and translates it into machine code

Game engines such as Corona and frameworks such as LOVE make Lua-based games amazingly creative and interactive. Other reasons why Lua is a wise choice for developing mobile games are:

  • Lua is simple

How often did you need Python assignment help online in class to get over the complex questions easily? You won’t face this problem with Lua since it’s simpler than Python. The representation of all data structures is almost the same. You can write conditional statements, functions, and loops with Lua.

  • Lightweight and fast

Lua consumes little memory and is one of the fastest interpreted programming languages.

  • Embedded language

You can also use Lua for embedded scripts. It offers C APIs, which enables the program to bind to C easily.

The source code is available with Lua, and you can modify it on your own. Lua is open-source software and completely free.


You can use HTML5 for building cross-browser and cross-platform apps and games. You can also use it interchangeably with JavaScript. This programming language is perfect for you if you already have some experience as a developer. You can build both single and multi-player mobile games using HTML5. HTML5 also offers cross-platform support. So, the users can play the games on Safari, Chrome, etc. as well.

Browsers of different operating systems support HTML5. Thus, you can promote all the features in the games you develop using HTML5. The game engines and frameworks are also excellent. They take care of maps, animations, audio, and more. Whether you want to create emulators or build poker games, these features are inevitable.

Wrapping Up,

Now you know what the best programming languages are for mobile game development. So, think of the language you are interested in and would love to pursue a career in this industry. This is a matter of your future. So, take your time and make the decision. Good Luck.

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