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The History of Britpop and the Bands who revolutionized British Music

In the late 1980s, many British bands emerged that would go on to become hugely influential in the pop music scene. These bands are often called “Britpop” and they helped to bring a sense of British pride back to the country. This was a time when Britain was feeling very pessimistic about its future. The 1990s were an era of economic recession, with high levels of unemployment and a general feeling that Britain had lost its place in the world. Britpop became more than just music; it became a cultural movement for young people across Britain. Let’s see more

Blur’s contribution to Brit Pop from 1992 through 1997

Blur is a British rock band that became popular in the 1990s. They were one of the most successful bands to come out of the Brit Pop era.

Blur’s first album, Leisure, was released in 1991. This album was a success and reached number one on the UK Albums Chart. Their second album, Modern Life Is Rubbish (1993), continued to keep them on top of their game and reached number two on the UK Albums Chart.

Their third album, Parklife (1994) was a huge success as well which peaked at number one on both the UK Albums Chart and US Billboard 200 chart.

Blur’s fourth album, The Great Escape (1995) also did very well for itself with it peaking at number one in both charts as

Here you can view the performed by Britpop Reunion. We’ve performed this track at every single performance we’ve ever done since we formed all the way back in 2014. Everyone loves singing along to this mid 90’s song by Glastonbury, England band Reef even if they always get the lyrics wrong. Folks love to throw their hand in the air as they think the lyrics are “Put your hands up, put your hands up”. But we don’t mind what anyone sings as long as they’re having the time of their life. Britpop musician Andy Starkey even encourages guests to put their hands up in the air. Why not eh?!?  Contact to hire a 90’s cover band and Bitter Sweet Symphony by the verve cover version. For a wedding, birthday, festival, corporate event, or any event live music is required.


Place Your Hands by Reef Cover Version performed many times over the years.

First of all, you can listen to the live track of ‘Britpop Reunion’ performed at Oliver’s 40th birthday party. His guests loved them so much and everyone was up dancing from the very first note to the very last.



We had a great time with the epic Place Your Hands cover band at a swanky private party. They played two sets, one on Friday night and one on Saturday night!


Put Your Hands up by Reef performed at a Festival to a crowd of 10,000

From small gigs to big festivals, live performances are always a blast. You can have loads of people participate and sing your song back at you.




I had the pleasure of performing a sold-out concert with the Reels at The Forum in London last night. We played 90’s tunes and some Britpop classics to an ecstatic audience.



Contact to hire a Brit-pop tribute band and Bitter Sweet Symphony by the verve cover version for a wedding, birthday, party, corporate event, or festival.

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