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How Long is Scrum Master Training?

How Long is Scrum Master Training;
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What is the first thing to consider when preparing for a certification exam? Preparation! Beginners require extensive courses to understand what they should learn to pass the tests with flying colors. However, professionals might think of skipping the training programs. But beware! It’s not the case with the Scrum master certification exam.


It’s an exam that makes it necessary for all test takers to pursue a Scrum training session to become friends eligible to appear in the exam. So, beginners and professionals in Scrum should take the course to take the exam and earn valuable credentials. But if you are in haste, attending a session and appearing in the rest might sound time-consuming.


Don’t worry! We are here to help you. This article will give details of the Scrum master training and the duration of each accredited session offered by recognized Scrum trainers.


Let’s know about the duration of the Scrum master training right below


What does a Scrum master training teach you?

The Scrum master training focuses on preparing you for the certification exam and the roles you’ll see in the future. So, the training programs will teach you everything needed to master Scrum and become a professional, even if you are a Scrum novice.


Some domains that the Scrum master training will touch on are:


  1. Managing Intricacies

The primary responsibility of a certified Scrum Master is to locate and remove obstacles impeding the project’s progress. When the team members cannot remove the obstacles, the Scrum Master’s intervention is crucial. They can also seek assistance from other stakeholders if the problems are too big for them to handle alone.


  1. Team handling capacity

The Scrum Master should be able to foster a friendly, trusting atmosphere at work. Team members are viewed as a powerful resource when they are not prejudiced and discriminatory. The Scrum Master should be able to recognize and address these problems when they arise between team members.


One of their essential responsibilities is ensuring the team members collaborate and coordinate well enough.

  1. Team Coach

A Scrum Master is viewed as a coach by the development team and the product owner. The Scrum masters take all necessary steps to ensure that the team performs better and moves on to the next level. They ensure the team adopts and adheres to Agile practices, values, and the Scrum methodology.


The Scrum Master doesn’t help the team work through problems. In extreme circumstances, they accept responsibility for the issue and find a solution. Coaching the entire organization rather than simply the team would be preferable. It would be beneficial for businesses to begin implementing the Scrum framework.


  1. Efficient Communication

Excellent verbal and written communication skills are crucial to guarantee proper communication between the development team, the stakeholders, and products that are produced efficiently, keeping to deadlines. On the other hand, improper contact might arguably undermine a well-designed project.


The Scrum Master bears the entire and single responsibility for ensuring effective communication between the team and the organization. It increases trust within the company and fosters transparency. The amount of process disruption is decreased by having a clear communication flow.


  1. Leadership

It is common knowledge that a Scrum Master is the team’s leader. They are frequently referred to as “Servant Leaders.” Their primary goals are to increase participation in the workplace and teamwork. Serving as a helping hand to the team, collaborating with the developers, and completing the work are all parts of being a servant leader.


The following attributes should be present in a servant leader:

  • Excellent listening skills
  • Cultivating a culture of trust
  • Empathy
  • An encouraging behavior


Who can take the Scrum master training?

Students in any field where teams cooperate to tackle challenging problems can benefit from this course. But who exactly should take the Scrum master training session?


  • Those practitioners who want to pursue a career as a Scrum Master
  • Agile/Scrum Coaches, Scrum Masters, and consultants looking to enhance their Scrum usage
  • Anyone participating in Scrum product delivery


Discussing the learning outcomes

Every course has some learning outcomes. What does the Scrum master training hold in store for the emerging Scrum masters? Let’s find out!


  • Assist the Scrum Teams in adding value to the organization
  • Recognize the underlying idea and tenets of Scrum and empiricism
  • Recognize how each component of the Scrum framework relates to the underlying principles and theory
  • Recognize the complexity and uncertainty involved in product delivery
  • Recognize the significance of and the meaning behind the Scrum values
  • Learn what “Done” means and why openness depends on it
  • Learn how to plan nimbly with the product backlog
  • Recognize the value of self-managing teams, the necessity of interpersonal skills, and the function of the Scrum Master
  • Outline the team’s leadership responsibilities for a Scrum Master
  • Learn the abilities, characteristics, and behavioral changes necessary to become a Scrum Master


How long is the Scrum master training?

Although the Scrum master certification has no prerequisite, the test takers must go for Scrum training offered by an accredited Scrum trainer to become eligible for the certification exam.


Consequently, you must enroll in a 16-hour in-person Certified ScrumMaster (CSM) course taught by a Certified Scrum Trainer (CST). You can take the test after finishing the course and pass the online CSM exam by accurately answering at least 37 among 50 questions within the allotted hour. To become a certified Scrum master after passing the CSM exam, you must accept the CSM License Agreement and finish your Scrum Alliance membership profile.


Overall, the Scrum master course is a two-day session allowing you to learn everything the certification exam asks. Many platforms offer accredited Scrum training programs, like Simplilearn online bootcamp.. You can take the training session to prepare yourself for the CSM exam.



The Scrum master training sessions can buckle you up for the upcoming certification journey. Now that you know the duration of an accredited training session, the process might be more apparent to you. So, go for the certification exam and achieve your goals!


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