How Is THC-O Vape Different From THC Vape?

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How Is THC-O Vape Different From THC Vape?


Vaping has been a game changer in the supplements industry since it came into the limelight. It is a trend that the youngsters find very appealing. With its rise, many companies started manufacturing various products for proper compatibility with the devices. Many people find themselves confused about which products would fit them the best. One such product, the THC-O Vape, has recently received much attention. Let us learn more about it.

THC Vape


What is THC-O?

THC-O is a synthetic chemical compound processed using acetic anhydride. Acetic anhydride is a colorless, flammable liquid often used to make fibers, pharmaceuticals, plastics, explosives, and dyes. It is an ester of THC. As it does not naturally exist in the hemp plant, it is usually expensive and involves a tedious extraction procedure.


Its extraction process involves special equipment and flammable, volatile chemicals. Moreover, the procedure could even lead to an explosion due to the off-gassing of peroxide into the air! Hence, never try to make it at home; instead, please leave it to the experts and professionals with complete knowledge and appropriate technical equipment.


THC-O essentially shares some of the base structures with Delta 9 but has an acetate group attached. Due to this acetate group, this variant is way more potent than other THC forms. In addition, it has borderline hallucinatory effects, rendering it a psychedelic cannabinoid to many.


What is Vaping?

Vaping is a vastly popular trend in the modern generation. There are millions of younger people who are familiar with the word. Here is a brief explanation for someone who still has no idea what it is. Vaping is smoking an aerosol vapor created by a modern pen-like device powered by a battery. This battery-powered device heats a liquid inside, which contains the primary substance (THC-O in this case) like CBD or THC, flavors, and sometimes nicotine. The user then inhales this vapor to feel the effects of the substances. Vaping is swift and provides a quick hit as the compound travels to the bloodstream directly through the lungs.


Difference Between THC-O Vape and THC Vape.

As mentioned above, THC-O is a new, promising cannabinoid due to its purity and strength. It is almost thrice as potent as its cousin Delta 9. Many users have often claimed that it has got all the positives and none of the negatives, as it’s way more impactful than its cousin compounds. It also produces psychedelic effects more potent than other compounds.


Being acetylated, the molecules of THC-O bind to our cannabinoid receptors at a higher rate, increasing its potency. The increased strength has made it an appealing choice in the hemp market, and more people are drawn to it every day.


However, it is also a prodrug. It means that it won’t become active till the liver metabolizes it. Once absorbed, the unique (-O) functional group gets removed. As a result, it allows THC to show its impacts but at a much higher dose than usual. So, you can notice a delay in the onset of effects when consuming this drug. For comparison, if Delta 9 takes around 15-30 mins to work, THC-O may take up to 1 hour before you feel its effects.


How Does Potency Impact the Consumption Experience?

In general, a higher potency usually means the more intense the product is, which means the more intoxicating effects you can enjoy. The impact also gets stronger- be it sleepiness, relaxation, or euphoria. So it is understandable that this particular THC strain isn’t for everybody; it’s for the hard hitters. If you consume a higher percentage of THC as a newbie, you may experience side effects like increased anxiety. So if you don’t have experience with anything of this type, it is better to start slow.


THC Vape

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Benefits of THC-O

This potent cannabinoid strain can be delightful and euphoric for many users. In addition, it may help ease muscle soreness and pain. A study also revealed that oral consumption of THC-O was also helpful for people undergoing chemotherapy. THC-O also has neuroprotective properties that may protect brain cells from severe damage. It may also stimulate brain growth by helping brain cells in the hippocampus grow. It also has the quality of helping people fall asleep. Hence, it has become an excellent tool for people who have insomnia.


People have also claimed its benefits in treating symptoms of conditions like PTSD. These include severe anxiety and depression, insomnia, hallucinations and nightmares, agitation, and social isolation. It may also boost your appetite due to the hormone ghrelin that stimulates hunger. There was also a study where THC-O successfully killed a concerning antibiotic-resistant pathogen that other drugs couldn’t neutralize. It is also adored by many as an impressive anti-aging tool.


How To Figure Out THC-O Dosage

Dosage is a complicated issue for most cannabinoids. Similarly, there haven’t been any official studies on its optimal dosage. But anecdotal reports of people trying the effects and benefits of this product are in abundance. If you are starting with the product, it is better to start at a lower dose and then gradually increase as per your requirements. Remember this point even if you consider yourself a highly tolerable person to other forms of THC. THC-O is just different, and it is better to stay on the safer side.


The threshold for oral dosage is around 2mg, while it is 0.5mg when inhaled. Going higher than this could mean you experience psychoactive effects. Standard psychoactive doses range from 3-10mg for oral consumption or 1-3mg for vapers and smokers. Beyond this, 15mg usually marks the start of psychedelic doses. Only go higher once you are familiar with the lower amounts of THC-O.


THC-O is a versatile product available in several forms like gummies, tinctures, candies, and more. However, the most popular products are generally vapes as they are a trend for the younger generation and provide a quick hit. They are also super cost-effective and effortless to use.



To conclude, vaping is a massive trend not only in the United States but around the globe. There are plenty of substances and hundreds of flavors to choose from. There is one for every tastebud! THC-O is a chemically derived compound that has several uses and benefits. It is like an artificial big brother to Delta 9 THC. It is more potent than the traditional strains and thus, shows a lot of promise. The studies are still in the infant stage. Still, with more research and awareness, this product could reach different heights.


If you are interested in this product or any other supplement, always talk to your doctor first. Then, you can proceed if you get the green light from them, as they can understand the needs and limits of your body. Then, check the laws in your area for maximum security, and you are good to go!



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