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Okizuke is a Japanese food that is a symbol of the most high-end seafood in the world. Many high-end cafes are serving this food in the seafood section. Further, they are selling it in Japanese culture as it is part of Japan. It is the japan seafood and it’s a cultural food of the country as well. The most eye-opening part is that it is an alive octopus and people eat that while it is alive. Although it can not move once it is cut but according to Japanese culture it is alive when it is served. Several various cafes are serving it as a sign of japan culture. Further, there is a  have huge respect for Japanese food around the world and its culture. For the Japanese e living oversea, it is the best part enjoy this octopus as it’s their cultural food.



Raw octopus : 

It is raw octopus but it’s served after cutting it into many small pieces and is great to chew. The shape is quite good enough to eat easily further people can easily chew it. The texture of the octopus is soft and watery but has hard on the upper side. Many people eat with various sauces to make it taste more good. Moreover, it does not any type it is just a simple octopus that is living in the sea. Although it is hard to find such good seafood with a real taste of octopus it is available. Many Japanese who are not living in there can eat this dish at their present place but double the price. The reason for selling it at a double price is because it is quite hard to find this fish.


Squid ink :

Okizuke is special seafood not like all other seafood and it has its real taste. Although it is mixed with many sauces that are also called ink which is placed on top of it. The best part is the ink is creamy getting out the octopus further the sauce gives a spicy taste. The sauce is used for giving some spicy and bitter taste to balance the salty taste present in the octopus. Okizuke is salty itself and has a lot of watery part of sea taste in it. So many people who do not like too much salt puts sauces to get a well-balanced taste in the dish. Japanese like salty seafood because of their culture and customs. They want to have some salty food so this dish fits them perfectly. Many countries are in the process of adding dishes to their menu but it is hard to make.



As this seafood is not easy to find and the octopus is high-end food. Thus many people have to go to a Japanese cafe that serves this octopus. It is also important to know if the person does not have any allergies to seafood. Seafood is a fine food that tale a few hours to expire so many people get sick by mistakenly eating old okizuke. The seafood is a quite fine food further it takes a lot of care before eating this. The fact that seafood is high-end and not easily available is because of its fineness. It serves the customers when it is alive further it tastes well when it is alive.

 Sauces : 

Many people have to wait for a specific season to eat this dish. Octopus itself is a quite hard animal cause it has a season to eat like winters. It tastes salty because it is found deep in the water so the cafe has to use many types of sauces. These sauces are mostly spicy and have a mix of soya sauce to get some spice. The salt in the okizuke is also get balanced after adding the sauce further it gives a bitter taste sometime. So it is nice to add some sweet sauce further it depends on the choice and likes of the consumer. The one who is having the dish is most likely to add some sauce to get the taste better. Most cafes give the sauce with the octopus so that they can add some taste as much as they like.

Cultural food:

The dish is a culture of eating in the north japan further the season over there suit this dish a lot. The season is also a very important part of the culture as it depends on it. Although you can have this Dish at every time of the year winters are the most good time to eat this. Every culture adds some address or a specific way to show their dishes and other food items. Furthermore, this dish is served in its real way to every cafe in the world. The tiny round shape bowl is the cultural way of presenting this dish further they cut it into many small pieces. As the Japanese find this shape easier to eat the dish so its serving style is the same all the world.


Texture :

Many people add some fancy items into the dish but the reality is only in the plain round shape. The real is rare but the cafe is making some ways to get the fresh octopus from the sea. The fact that it is hard to find makes it more important and high range seafood. Everyone around the world is trying some new dishes for the sake of new taste further okizuke is a good option. As we know that people are getting to know about every little and new thing about trends. Although sushi is also one of the kinds of seafood that is famous among food lovers. Many people around the world are already trying it further they started cooking it in homes as well. Likewise, this dish is also getting famous day by day for seafood lovers.

Alive fish :

Most of the people who loves to go fishing are also have good point about cooking it as a business. As few people are familiar with the texture and proper way of cooking it so it can be good for them. The texture is soft and has a lot of water in it further it has long strips of octopus. That long strips are cut down into many small and thin pieces so they will be easy to eat. Further, this dish has also some sauce that is in simple wors ink is getting out of it. The soft texture is the tastiest and has most of the sauce in it that will give more taste. The spices are also added in the demand of consumers further tey add more of the spices.


Fusion of taste :

Real seafood is much rare but it is easy to find in north japan. They have different kinds of octopus but okizuke has some more good tase that is real. The fine outer layer is not hard but it is slippery so they cut them. Most people will make reorder just to get to eat this dish because of its fineness. In the end, we can say that this dish is another fine thing from nature. Many people want to eat this but it is rare and hard to find so they go for another seafood. But this would not affect the dish and its worth. Some countries such as the USA make a bit long order to get this raw octopus to serve in their cafes. Fisher is such a big business at this time of life so many people are doing this job for the sake of money.


Type of business:

This business is such a big idea because you will have to learn some skills. Like you have to learn fishing and serving it for a long time is a big skill. You need to learn about the tools and chemicals that the fisher is using for the fishing business. The business contains many items and tools to take care of so many do not take interest. Only those who take interest who have a lot of time in life and want to run it as a business. According to health assessment, Many online stores are also selling seafood that is dry on the surface. This surface is dry because it will not create any problem in the delivery. In this way, they will not create any smell and people can use it for the long term.



These octopuses are also very of a high range because they are rare to find. This dish is most likely to have in the sea areas for the countries that are full of sea and water area areas. Kinds of seafood are mostly of high range no matter what kind of seafood it is. Because they are hard to cook and is not easily available. As we know that octopus is not dead when it’s served further the living seafood is real.

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