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Gigi De Lana Surgery

Gigi De Lana Surgery
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Gigi De Lana Surgery


Gigi de Lana is a famous singer of Filipino who believes in plastic surgery. The singer was not that famous before the surgery but after surgery, everyone knows about her. She had the biggest of her concert in Dubai were about one million people came. This was the best and biggest concert of her life as she has a lot of her fans come so far. Gigi Lana says that plastic surgery is not a bad thing further you get the best version of yourself. People started hating her after they get to know about the surgery and they couldn’t at first. She changed her features shapes and uplift her jaws during the surgery. According to her fans, she was not appreciated after this surgery. All the media asked about Gigi De Lana Surgery further they want to know the reason for the surgery.


Who is Gigi de Lana:

She was not only a singer but also she was famous for her acting. She is working on many movies and also writing the script of those movies. Gigi De Lana is a multi-talented person that is doing multi jobs at the same time and making her more famous. She is already famous in her country but with the surgery, she became more famous and a favorite of people. Gigi de Lana surgery Gigi de Lana before plastic surgery she has some jaw down the lift and dark skin tone. The surgery changed her color as well as the shape of her jaw and features. She was not only changing her face but also her personality cause she believed in changing is good. Every person has some weak points and drawbacks. Further, she says that they can change these factors, as the factors will make them look different.


Reason for surgery:

Gigi de Lana surgery Gigi de Lana before plastic surgery explains her reasons for getting this surgery. She said that many people do not love their real looks so they want to have a look that they love. It is the right of humans to look the way they want to look and make changes. Not everyone has this mindset of changing their face shape and color. But many people do not like the way they look so they have to go through many things in their daily life. Gigi de Lana says you should have the proper right of changing your skin color and texture as much as you want to. Every fan started hating her after the surgery but after she explain her reason through media fans get to know her. As she started looking like a well-known actress her fans claimed that she looks like that actress.


Before and after surgery:

Gigi De Lana Before and after surgery;
Gigi De Lana Before and after surgery

But this was not the reason for her surgery and she explains that to her fans. She had many bad reactions after the surgery as her fans do not like this change. But her answer was always the same you love yourself when you look good as much as you like. She says that you are not bound to give reasons or the changes you want to make in life. The person has the proper right of looking perfect as the person wants to. Many people say that she gained a lot of fans and get famous after the surgery. There was a lot of false news about her surgery but she cleared it through the media. Not only this she has the biggest concert of her life after the surgery and made her name as the most famous singer in the world.

The hype about her:

The Gigi de Lana stands against the people who think getting surgery is not good. People made negative notes about her and her new look as they say you do not look good. Further, she makes clear to many people that she loves this look of her very much. She makes it very clear to her fans that you should love the look you want to have and get that look. Gigi de Lana surgery Gigi de Lana before plastic surgery was only a singer but after she also starts modeling. Her modeling makes her more famous than the singer career made her. Although she is still a famous singer further many people take steps for surrey after her. They think they take all the confidence of surgery after looking at her before and after pictures.


Her old pictures :

Gigi De Lana Before surgery
Gigi De Lana Before surgery

Although she does not remove any old pictures of her before the surgery she loves her current looks. As we know that people are more careful about their looks so they get their surgery. Nowadays it is soo normal and everyone is getting surgery. Further many actresses and models, male and female both are getting surgery very quickly. The hype of getting surgery is just to get the perfect look on your face. Everyone has their own choice of looks and features so they can get those looks. The perfect does not have any definition but everyone gets this. A perfect look depends on the person and his mentality so the perfect has no main idea. Although it’s great to look perfect the person can also go through some changes as he likes.


Effects of plastic surgery :

Gigi de Lana surgery also wants other singers and actresses to get the surgery.  She says that it is okay to make yourself look the way you want to. Further, there are many other reasons to get surgery but the factor remains the same. The fact that it will make you look the way you want and there is no harm in ding that. She also explain that there is only a little bit of pain in doing the surgery but it will not harm. After her video on youtube made her famous with the changing of her face. Many other actresses and singers did the same with their looks and make changes. The report of health assessment Some people will have some serious problems after the surgery as it will affect the skin. The high temperature will make an allergic reaction to the skin of that person.

 The reaction of fans:

The reaction has an effect on the texture and makes some redness on the face after the surgery. She explains that there are various problems after the surgery further it harms your skin. But you can take care of your skin and its texture of it after pepper medicines from doctors. Many people do not follow up the medicare from the doctors and thus have to go through many problems. She says that it is a personal choice of getting the surgery no one has the right to make any comment on your face. The choice depends on the mentality of the person and will only affect that person. Not only this many people start asking about the doctors of Gigi de Lana for the surgery. They were all impressed by the surgery so they started posting in the support of her.

Got famous:

Hence it has helped many people who wanted surgery but do not have confidence. Many of her songs are about her surgery and the effect fit on her mentality. Gigi de Lana surgery Gigi de Lana before plastic surgery was not famous and only a few know her. Her songs tell all the stories about her battle with society and her pain during the surgery. She started performing a lot of concerts not only in Filipino but also in Dubai. The major famous songs came after her battle with surgery. Gigi de Lana surgery Gigi de Lana before plastic surgery made many songs. Further, she does not become that mush famous before the surgery. To make herself more popular she signed a movie so it will make her more famous. The fact that surgery can change a person’s life made many people do this.


Talented artist :

Many not soo famous singers and artists go through surgery so that they become famous. This surgery will make the person completely different from the outside. After her surgery, many people started calling her to their set or shows for the hype. Many people think she use surgery to make her famous in her field but it is not true. She released many of her albums after the surgery but not on the surgery. Gigi de Lana surgery Gigi de Lana before plastic surgery, make her a different person. She made this very clear that it will not affect her singing career. She made many videos and through media, she stated that her surgery is not for her career.



Further the fact that she wanted to look different and want to make some changes. As we know that everyone does not want to look the same as they are right now. But the fact that everyone has the right to make the change is true. Gigi de Lana also wanted people to make this normal and it is getting normal. She wanted to make it normal for people to get the surgery if they can. 

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