8 Awesome Bedroom Ideas for Teenage Boys

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As with most things, decorating a bedroom for a teenage boy that suits his personality is a tricky thing. They are at the age when they want something new, different and creative. They want their room to be chic yet simple. There will have to be the use of creativity to design a room that meets your choice. The best thing is that you and the interior designer should sit together so you both know what is desired and what can be achieved. Although you can think of some great bedroom ideas, taking the help of a professional will ease your burden. You can discuss your opinions as well as know the superb idea of the expert. Since you both will be on the same page, the room will reflect your taste. Here we are discussing some bedroom ideas for youngsters.

8 awesome bedroom ideas for teenage boys 

This blog discusses some bedroom ideas for teenage boys. You may need the help of a professional interior designer.

However, if you need them and do not have enough money to fund them, you should take out quick loans in Ireland, an apt loan to fund the gap in savings. Here are some great bedroom ideas to consider making your room reflect your personality:

  • Incorporate a rustic look

The teenage boy’s room needs to be super cool. Minor changes can sometimes change the look of your room. For instance, having a normal window, you should install an up-and-over window. Mount up a rack on the wall to keep books.

Make it an open rack. You can have a locker-style wardrobe. Use rustic furniture but try to introduce some creativity in it, which means you should use it creatively or unusually. It would meet your personality.

  • Design a theme-based room

Theme-based room will completely reflect your personality. Tell the designer about your hobbies. What qualities you have, what you like, what you admire, etc.

For instance, if you are a surf-mad teenager, you can reflect that in your room by putting up a wallpaper of people surfing. You can choose the colour of paint similar to surfing.

Parents often restrict their adolescent children from using that freedom, but paint is not permanent. It can be changed. Like the taste of your children changes, you can change it. Do not forget to blend the taste with style. For instance, you can reflect your sporty spirit through wallpaper or paint.

  • Use graphic lines

It must be implied to whom the room belongs. Interior designing is not just playing around with colours and wallpapers. There are a lot of things that need to be considered to make the room that suits the personality of a teenage boy.

The use of graphic lines and a mix of primary colours in the bedroom will make it authentic, a perfect room for a teenage boy. You can go graphic for a cupboard, cabinets or open shelves. Storage is an essential aspect that teenagers often struggle with.

They collect things over several years, so storage becomes the essential thing. You can find some amazing ways to store books, shoes, clothes, etc., without losing the funky appearance of your room.

  • Comfy and contemporary teenage room

It is likely that you want your room to be just comfortable and modern. Not everyone will have hobbies like surfing. You will probably like it neutral, relaxing and comfy. You can do it even yourself without the help of the interior designer.

If you want to add peace to your room, you can create an aura of a farmhouse. For instance, you can decorate your room with little greenery or use pieces of furniture that reflect a farmhouse-type room. Wooden furniture and metal light fixtures can add aesthetics.

  • Display their passion

By reflecting passion, you can add your style to the room. It will define your personality. If you are a decision-maker on behalf of your teenage boy, you should ask them before you decide it on your own. It is intrinsic to personalise the room.

Your child must feel that it is their space, their room where they can spend “me time”. Their passion can be reflected through various types of items. They may seem weird, but in the end, they define the personality of your teenage child. You can find a lot of bedroom ideas on the internet. You do not essentially need to rely on an interior designer.

  • Add a secret door

Having a secret door in your room can be quite impressive as a teenager. Adolescents usually want their rooms to look extraordinary, and a secret door can add uniqueness to your room.

You do not need to shell out a lot of money on it. It can simply cover with wallpaper. Your interior designer will introduce simple and effective ways to create the illusion.

  • Include retro games

To make your room more interesting and funny, you should add retro games. Of course, this is possible if your child is interested in games. Sometimes you do not need to spend a lot of money reflecting passion and hobbies through wallpapers and selecting rustic pieces of furniture. The retro game will be decided based on their taste and personality.

  • The room should look young

There must be a difference between adult rooms and teenage rooms. You should try to make the teenager’s bedroom young yet sophisticated, cool, modern and playful. Need the help of an interior designer to make a room that has teenage vibes.

You will need a lot of ideas to introduce a playful atmosphere. There are various ways you can add fun to the room. You do not need to look for funny items, but the way you organise and display ordinary things can make the room perfect for a teenager.

The bottom line

It can be tiresome to design a room for a teenage boy. A lot of research is required, and you will have to consult an interior designer, which means additional spending.

Even if you are getting it done within a budget, it will likely cost you an arm and a leg. You must prepare about money to spend designing the room.

If your savings fall short, you can take out small loans in Ireland. These loans will serve your needs, but you must calculate your repaying capacity.

If you borrow more than your needs, it will be difficult for you to pay it off on time. Even despite small monthly instalments, you will end up struggling to make payments.

It is vital to be vigilant about your repaying capacity at the time of borrowing money to fund the interior designer’s fees.


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